Grandmothers in 2019

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A warm and hearty welcome to those who have recently signed up. It goes without saying that we have our work cut out for us.

We Grandmothers should be very proud of our recent work in support of Andy Beshear’s campaign for Governor of Kentucky, which he won with a slim margin of 5000 votes. Our members across the country sent out over 20,000 yellow Grandmothers’ cards targeted to Democratic and Independent women over 65 and got them delivered before Election Day, November 5th — an amazing piece of work by many hands in a short period of time. This quick and successful intervention came after our Grandmothers’ support of winning Senate races in 2018 in Nevada and Arizona.

Early in May we sent the following to our Grandmothers across the country.

Time for Action

Appalled by the findings of the Mueller report and the across the board defiance of the Trump Administration, we call upon our representatives in Washington to exercise their constitutional obligations for oversight, wherever they lead, however long it takes. We are a nation of laws.

Our country’s honor, its standing among nations, and a promising future for the generations that follow demand no less.

Grandmothers, friends, pick up your phone and call or send an email to the local office of your senator and congressman. Make your opinion known, and remind them that you vote!

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